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Label Inspection Systems

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Ensure Print Accuracy and Quality with Our Label Inspection Systems
Our state of the art Label Inspection Systems are great for data validation applications (OCV and OCR) as well as inline bar code verification. Improve your process, eliminate rework and reduce related manpower! Our vision inspection systems are high speed and user-friendly. You can mount the system on your press, rewinder, or vacuum conveyor. Evaluate any number of fields (sectors) at any size repeat, in any orientation across a web including data validation & bar code grades!

In addition to complete print quality inspection and data validation the system is capable of verifying bar codes to ISO standards (multiple codes in any orientation and symbology).

Our Label Inspection Systems Capabilities include:

  • Sequential numbering validation
  • OCR/OCV (Read rates up to 1000 characters per second)
  • Color variance to a standard using Delta E
  • Blemish detection
  • Bar code grading to ISO standards
  • Shape & Correct Position Analysis
  • Pattern Matching

All of these print inspections can be performed at the same time and at any speed using one line scan camera system regardless of job layouts.

Complete Workflow Solution Tying Press to Rewinders
With our roll mapping add-on, we can track and map out your entire print job and automate your offline editing process. Speed up your editing time and increase your capacity overnight.