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Color Label Printer

High Speed Color Label Printer Using Memjet Technology
The Trojan 1 with a built-in RIP, 1600 dpi graphics and speeds of 12 inches per second can digitally print photographic quality labels, tags, or continuous media – on demand. A flexographic press can print photographic quality, but only if you want every label to be the same.

Watch this video to learn more about our unique table top color label printer…

System Features
• Print Color Labels at 60 feet per minute (12 inches per second)
• Photographic print resolution at 1600 x 1600 dpi
• Large capacity 250ml ink cartridges maximizes uptime
• Automated production and maintenance routines with one touch
• Optional 15.6″ touch screen for simple operator use
• Embedded Web Server for Printer Networking environments
• Smart Unwind and Rewinder with servo control handles 12” rolls of media
• Customer replaceable printhead and Remote service module eliminates service bills.

With the Trojan 1 you get a color label printer with flexibility and speed. Think of it as a digital press that doesn’t cost millions to acquire. More importantly, it doesn’t cost millions to operate. With ink cartridges 10 times the size of standard inkjet printers you’ve got the ability to produce lots of labels at a very economical cost.

Lowest Cost per Label Provides Unbeatable ROI
A standard 4×6 label, die-cut with matrix removed and assuming 100% coverage can be printed for less than a nickle. Users can lower costs further by post converting their own media using table top die cutting systems. This per label cost includes all consumables; ink, printhead, and media with no hidden costs! Compare this to all of the costs to outsource labels from your local print shop…

Typical set-up charges for outsourced Flexo printed labels can include….

Plates: $75.00 each to $150 each for process plates
Tooling: $1,100 when applicable
Art & Prep: $95.00
Chromaproofs: $100.00 each (required on 4CP work)

PLUS the typical Flexo printing costs for a short run of std 4 color 4×6 labels ($10/1000) and you end up with a cost per label of 50 cents!!

If you purchase a mix of 10-20 short run label orders your system will be paid for in less than one year.

Easy Enough for a Layman to Run
The Trojan 1 color label printer boasts a user-friendly, 15.6-inch color touch-screen for job management and complete printer control. With one touch maintenance, whether its cleaning or replacing a head or replacing a service station; everything is automated! The printhead is a customer-replaceable component which extends the life of your color label printer and guarantees peak performance year after year.
Memjet Color Label Printer Only

Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum. Using very few moving parts the printer is built to last. Fewer moving parts means less maintenance and more productivity.

Simply the Best Print Quality
Each 8.75 inch printhead packs 70,400 nozzles into a silicon structure that delivers 1,600 dpi native print quality. Memjet’s cutting-edge printhead spans the width of the page, printing everything in one pass. This means that unlike traditional printers, there are no stitching and color alignment issues. While dramatically improving performance, this fixed-head architecture also reduces noise, vibration and drop-firing complexity associated with traditional inkjets.

And, unlike typical inkjet printers, there are no puny 2.5 ml ink cartridges here. Our ink cartridges are 250 ml, and there are 5: cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y) and 2 black (K), because, typically, black is used more than any other color. Coupled with the more efficient head design, you have more ink and use less of it – better bottom line.
High Performance Color Inks
Our inks are water-based, four-color (CMYK) formulations customized to work in conjunction with our revolutionary printhead. We selected advanced dye colorants to achieve the highest image quality and reliability at high speeds. The printhead’s 1-2 picoliter ink droplets absorb into typical paper substrates in milliseconds so that your printed pages are completely dry as they exit the printer.

Our inks are manufactured to very tight tolerances with extremely low impurity levels to ensure consistent quality batch to batch and to maximize your printhead life.

Printer Specifications
Print Engine
Type: Drop on Demand Thermal Ink Jet
Nozzles: 70,400
Drop Speed: 900,000,000/sec
Print Width: 8.75 inches
Resolution: 1600×1600 dpi Native
Print Speed: 6 or 12 ips
Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Black
Ink Cartridges: 5 – 250ml (1 ea color)

Media Dimensions
Max Width: 9.5″
Min Width: 2.0″
Min Length: 3.6″
Thickness: 7-13 mil (3-12 point)

Media Types
Form: Roll, Fanfold
Type: Die Cut or Continuous
Sensing: Gap, Black Mark, None

Interface – OS
USB 2.0
Ethernet 10/100/1000T
Video Out, Multiple I/O Ports
Microsoft Windows, XP, Vista, 7

L x W x D:25″ x 16″ x 15″
Weight: 80 lbs.

Requirement 120-240V, 50-60Hz

Winder & Unwinder
Roll Sizes up to 12″ D