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Digital Printing Press

ColorJet Printer

Digital Printing Press
The ColorJet DPP is high-speed, high-resolution, full color, single-pass digital printing press. A complete digital inkjet module designed to be integrated simply and quickly with your existing flexo press giving you instant full-color print with zero set up times. The unit runs at typical flexo speeds of up to 120 meters/min. with no reduction in print quality.

With no set up times, the ColorJet DPP has proven to be more economical than flexo for run lengths up to 50,000 labels. In addition with our new low-cost, flexo primers you can produce excellent results on the cheapest label stocks.

The DPP Label Creation Software and RIP includes full variable print functions including bar codes, date codes,
serialization schemes and the ability to create labels automatically from a database in real time. A standard
full-color RIP is included. This includes ICC Profiles and multi-page PDF capabilities as well. The system is
easily synchronized with existing die-cutters as well as pre-printed materials.

Key Advantages of the ColorJet Digital Printing Press include:

- Choose your optimum print width (142mm, 282, 352, 492)
- Go Inline or Off Line
- UV and Water based inks plus Coatings, White inks and More

- Konica Minolta Heads boast a 12,000 hour MTBF
- Optimum drop sizes eliminate capping. Run up to 12 hours without cleaning
- Simple robust design and build makes troubleshooting a snap

- 720 dpi resolutions at 360 feet per minute (120 Meters/min) = 30,000 feet per hour!
- Print Full (CMYK) Color and point sizes down to 2 point fonts
- GIS RIP and color management to ICC profiles
- Print on paper, films and foils with UV Cure Inks

The inline or offline ColorJet Digital Printing Press enables you to stock just as much material as you need. Your stock
s as well as your costs will dwindle to a minimum. Set up times drop to minutes allowing you to produce more product in less time driving your overall profitability.
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Inline Color Label Printing
The ColorJet Digital Printing Press can be easily integrated into your current flexo press for the ultimate flexibility and return on investment. A hybrid approach allows you to optimize your production while reducing ink costs and saving floor space.
- Lower Investment Cost
- Optimum mix of flexo & digital for lowest cost-per-print
- Little or no increase in space requirement
- Minimal retraining of staff
- Printhead unit slides out for simple, rapid and easy maintenance cleaning
- Remote Ink and electronics cabinets

ColorJet Printing Press Technical Specifications
Print Head Technology:
Piezo, Drop on Demand; KM 1024iMHE
(6 or 14 pl nominal drop size)

Print Resolutions and Relative Speeds:
720 x 720 dpi (1800 Optical) Full Color (CMYK) | 54 M/min
720 x 360 dpi Full Color (CMYK) | 120 M/min | 1 drop binary
360 x 360 dpi Full Color (CMYK) | 120 M/min | 2 drop greyscale
180 x 360 dpi Full Color (CMYK) | 240 M/min | 3 drop greyscale

Printer Variations:
IIJ 142 HQ 142mm print width
IIJ 282 HQ 282mm print width
IIJ 352 HQ 352mm print width
IIJ 492 HQ 494mm print width

Electronics: Global Inkjet Systems
Ink System: Meniscus vacuum controlled; Replaceable 1L bottles or bulk SS tanks

Avail. Inks: Water Based, UV Cure, White, Silver-Nano, Ceramic,
Special Coatings and Conductive Inks
Print Colors: Up to 4 spot colors or CMYK (6 color Hexachrome Optional)
Curing: Cooling air free LED-UV module or conventional UV tubes
Substrates: Wide range of self-adhesive papers, films, foils and tag stocks

Printhead: 352mm x 250mm x 363mm | SS Covers over Anodized Aluminum
Head drive: 320mm x 185mm x 430mm | Painted
Control Cab: 320mm x 185mm x 430mm | Painted
Ink Cabinet: 400mm x 250mm x 400mm | Painted
Umbilical: 3 Meters x 35mm Diameter (custom lengths optional)

Data Interface: USB 2.0 Ethernet
Software: GIS RIP w/ full color linearization & ICC profiles.
Print from PDF & CSV
Workflow: Job based manager of variables and product specific data
Variable Data: Barcodes, 2D codes, numbering and serialization sequences
HMI: 15″ touch screen panel
I/O: Differential Encoder and Print Signal inputs, TCPI/IP Optional
Encoder 7200 pulses per inch